My name is Shashank Nashine, originally from India and a recent USC graduate residing in culver city in Los Angeles.

I started my journey of architecture when I worked as an intern in my uncle's construction firm during my junior college. I enrolled in the National Institute of Technology in 2011 for my Bachelors in Architecture. It was one of the only schools in the country that had electives and majors in sustainable environmental systems. I graduated from NIT in 2016 with a Cum Laude and decided to immediately pursue a Masters in Architecture while working for Nashine Associates.

Experience at the University of Southern California

The School of Architecture at USC was a very supportive, fast-paced, and progressive environment. The professors and faculty were exceptionally approachable and allowed students the freedom to explore and nurture their architectural ideas. The administration values its students and actively uses our feedback to improve the quality of education. I also had the opportunity to provide input to the faculty during my work as the Class Assistant. The faculty was extraordinarily receptive and allowed me to take workshops on rendering, animation, and virtual reality.

I graduated from USC in May 2019 with a Graduate Certificate in Building Science and a Tau Sigma Delta Honor.

Future Aspirations

The nearest goal right now for me is to gain exposure to projects of various types of scales, and phases and aim to be a registered architect in a few years I aim to obtain a LEED (GA+AP) certification and implementing sustainable design has been a real interest for me in all the projects. I am fascinated by skyscrapers doing both my undergraduate and graduate thesis on the topic to learn as much as I can before becoming a part of the firm that would help me achieve my dream of designing them.


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